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Farmsight at Ripon Farm

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Farmsight is about providing structured support, guidance, training and aftersales care to our customers so they can make the most from their purchases. 


Farming machinery is getting more complicated but in that complication is the possibility to save time and money, to improve yields and reduce waste and to reduce administrative strain whilst increasing the data available to make informed decisions.

John Deere Farmsight
John Deere Farmsight

Our Farmsight Services

At Ripon Farm Services our Farmsight department provide the following support to our customers:


· Aftersales contact and support - We arrange phone calls and visits to ensure you're getting on well with your new machine.



· Optimisation training - We arrange a visit from one of our highly trained demonstration drivers to help with ballasting, tyre pressures, gearbox settings and anything else you may ask.



· Refresher training - If you have a new driver or member of staff or simply would like some additional training, the Farmsight team can help.



· Additional manufacturer support, training or advice - If you have a specific request we can contact manufacturers to arrange support for you, on farm. Whether that be John Deere, a tyre brand or anybody else.



· Precision Ag Installation, support, service & repair - Our Precision Ag department are there for you, whatever your needs. From RTK level accuracy, to software updates or repairing a broken product.



· Precision Ag training - Precision Ag can make a huge difference to the whole process of using your machine, we can provide structured training to help you make the most from your solution.



· Automatic Expert alert, maintenance alert and remote code alert set-up - We set-up all the automatic alerts for your machine so we can provide you the best possible service in the quickest time.



· Documentation, data transfer and farm management support - The administration of a farming operation is vast, using the technology available to us can help simplify this. We can provide training on how this can be done. 



· Personal custom solutions for your individual issues - Our team have the technical expertise and experience to provide personalised solutions to your issues. See the video at the bottom of the page to see one such issue and it's solution we put in place.



· MyJohnDeere support - We get your MyJohnDeere account online and activated to act as your portal to all your machines data. Once done, we can provide support on how to login and view everything you require.


And much more.


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