Spearhead Machinery

Europe’s leading manufacturer of large area rotary mowers, specialising in vegetation maintenance and stubble management technology.


Spearhead’s extensive product range has developed through years of innovation within the mowing and mulching sector.


With traditional and core business centred around the maintenance of green areas with a full range of reach, flail and rotary mowers providing the most viable solutions wherever vegetation may grow.


In recent times a move towards harvest based applications primarily centred around the management of crop stubble residues has meant closer cooperation with world renowned research institutions to develop mulching technology that helps to increase agricultural output and productivity whilst benefitting the environment.


Spearhead values customer experience and feedback as key to furthering continual development and growth, welcoming challenges that improve standards and allow our clients to move forward in every part of their business.


As a company Spearhead remains focused on providing it’s customers with solutions, extending and growing the product range to continue delivering as your true ‘Green Area Maintenance Specialist’.


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