Active Implement Guidance

For ultimate precision

When the highest accuracy is an absolute must, Active Implement Guidance ensures that tractor and implement follow exactly the same path, ruling out crop damage on subsequent passes. It also avoids accidental damage to irrigation pipes or channels.

The system works with steerable implements equipped with side-shift, drawbar, axle or disc steering. StarFire 6000 Receivers are mounted on both tractor and implement, allowing them to communicate with each other and ensuring absolute precision on the ground. Straight, curved or circular tracks can be followed, using RTK or SF3 signals. The Shared Signal functionality allows two StarFire 6000 Receivers to share correctional signals in dual-receiver applications, providing the benefits of the higher signal level.

The Benefits

  • Tractor and implement are kept on the same track
  • Perfectly aligned tracks and plant spacing
  • No crop damage, no irrigation pipe or drip tape damage
  • Perfectly straight furrows and even seedbeds

Plough Steer

Run absolutely straight furrows with iSteer Plough on ploughs with variable working-width adjustment. iSteer now also enables you to plough fields with curved tracks.

Active implement guidance