Ripon Farm Services

Ask anyone about the biggest asset that exists within the Ripon Farm Services organisation and they will tell you it's our people. People with the right, 'make it happen' attitude are the reason why our company has the reputation of being at the forefront of excellence in customer service. It's reflected both in the certified and qualified professionals who have worked with us for many years and have become part of farming life in our region. It even stems down to the new, enthusiastic apprentices who are just starting out on their careers, for they are the long term future.


At Ripon Farm Services, our qualified service engineers and technicians are recognised in the industry with LTA-based accreditation that is a measure of their technical capabilities. They are amongst the best agricultural technicians in the country and they are focussed totally on providing our customers with servicing, maintenance and repairs to ensure their machine is kept in tip-top condition for maximum performance. Optimised performance means better customer value, which in turn reflects in better customer profitability.


Our company constantly invests in training to ensure that our technicians are kept up to date with new products, new technologies and improved efficiencies. We stand behind every franchise and every product that we sell from our branches. We provide a full and comprehensive programme of maintenance schedules because we are committed to our product and committed to our customer. We realise that everyone has a preferred choice and even customers who have previously purchased a competitive brand will come back to us for service because they prefer what we have on offer. Our extensive Parts departments throughout our area of responsibility employs manufacturer trained Parts Advisors, whose responsibility it is to manage and provide sufficient replacement components and consumables to meet customer demand. This demand varies by season and by machine population, but be sure to be confident of the fact if for some reason we do not have an obscure part or item in our £10m worth of stock on our shelves, we can normally access it overnight for delivery to our stores before breakfast next morning. So, in the event of a machine breakdown or component failure, in most cases we can get you going straight away or at the latest, next morning.


This is the basis on which we have established our company reputation. We aim to give every customer, the level of service that reflects the quality of machinery in which they have invested. At Ripon Farm Services, we stand for quality, after-sales service.


Ripon Farm Services Mission